Cerebral Cortex

Cerebral Cortex and Cerebrum – Overview, Function and Physiology

Cerebral Cortex Overview The cerebral cortex is the outermost layer of the brain made up of tightly packed neurons.  Because it is the outer layer, it is the most visible.  It is gray in appearance with a wrinkled texture.  It is only a few millimeters thick, yet it accounts for […]

Keith David

Keith David – Bio, Fun Facts, Movies and TV Shows

Who is Keith David? Keith David is an American actor, singer, and voice-over artist. His birth name is Keith David Williams.  Keith was born in Harlem, New York, and grew up in Queens. He began acting in school plays during elementary school.  The experience inspired him.  The aspiring actor went […]

Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin – Bio, Movies and TV Shows

Who is Adam Baldwin? Adam  Baldwin is an American actor born on February 27th in Winnetka, Illinois, in 1962.  Baldwin made his big-screen debut appearing as Ricky Linderman in My Bodyguard (1980). He appeared in five other films before landing his breakout role as Animal Mother in Stanley Kubrick‘s Full Metal […]

Dean Winters

Dean Winters – Bio, Movies and TV Shows

Who is Dean Winters? Dean Winters is an American actor.  He first became famous after appearing as the character Ryan O’Reily on HBO’s Oz. He has also portrayed Johnny Gavin on FX Network’s Rescue Me, and as Dennis Duffy on NBC’s 30 Rock. Winters was born on July 20, 1964, […]

DJ Qualls

DJ Qualls American Actor – Bio, Movies, TV, Net Worth

Who is DJ Qualls? Dj Qualls was born Donald Joseph Qualls in 1978, in Nashville, Tennessee. His notoriety came early for his roles in movies like The New Guy, Road Trip, and Hustle & Flow.  His exposure was enhanced by numerous TV appearances.  Shows like Supernatural, Scrubs, Lost, CSI, Breaking […]

Denatured Alcohol

Denatured Alcohol – How and Why is Alcohol Denatured?

What is Denatured Alcohol? Denatured alcohol is ethanol or ethyl alcohol made unfit for human consumption.  This is done by adding one or more chemical denaturants to it. Denaturing refers to removing the property from the alcohol of being able to drink it.  Otherwise, it is not chemically altered or […]